Quality Writings for English

computer and internet If you are looking for tips to write quality essays. Here are some of the tips how to write a good essays. A good essay should have a good introduction, solid points and a conclusion. Lets take an example of writing an essay with the title “Benefits of Computer and Internet today” Introduction

  1. An overview of an computer.
  2. The history and the invention of a computer
  3. An overview about the benefits in the social, business and educational benefits
  4. Some statistics describing the demand of computers in the modern society

Key Points 1

  1. Social benefits
  2. Helps to keep in touch with friends
  3. Able to use it for update and keep track of daily activities
  4. eg. Facebook, printrest and blogs helps in sharing moment with friends and families
  5. Improve bonding between friends and family members even when they are far apart

key Points 2

  1. Make communication easy by the usage of email, project sharing and teleconferencing
  2. Able to conduct meetings anywhere in the world thus increasing productivity
  3. eg of online tools such as Yahoo Mail, Google Drive and Skype helps businesses to get connected
  4. Able to penetrate world market with ease with the usage of internet
  5. You can sell anything anywhere with the help of website or a webstore

Key Points 3

  1. Able to provide up to date information
  2. Online News portal keeps us abreast with the current issues
  3. Students can scout for information using google and youtube
  4. Subjects and courses such as mathematics, sciences and languages are thought via online with of video
  5. Company like Vyew invested billions of ringgit to produce online whiteboard to help teacher’s and students to learn
  6. Last of all, computer helps businessman to keep in touch with clients. The online messaging system makes communication easier when dealing with clients or business partners in different regions


  1. Computers and internet play an important role in our social life.
  2. It helps to bridge relationship and maintains close ties
  3. Big cooperation relies on computer and internet for documentation, teleconference and discuss business deals
  4. Computer and internet also serves its purpose to enrich our life with news and information.
  5. Students can use internet for study purposes