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Quality Writings for English

computer and internet If you are looking for tips to write quality essays. Here are some of the tips how to write a good essays. A good essay should have a good introduction, solid points and a conclusion. Lets take an example of writing an essay with the title “Benefits of Computer and Internet today” Introduction

Best Printer for Schools

One of the most cost efficient printers for school would be the canon IP2870/IP2872 printers. To make it more efficient, some schools are implementing CIS  technology at the printer to save on the printing cost. We do not encourage fixing the CIS because the printing quality would be bad but i have seen many schools are getting the CIS fix to the printer.

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Ink / Toner Cartridges

    • Consumables Price
      CL-746 RM 70.70
      CL746XL RM 92.90
      PG-745 RM 48.50
      PG-745XL RM 60.60


Karangan Catatan UPSR – Hari Kantin Sekolah

Karangan Catatan Hari Kantin. Here is the format for Karangan Catatan UPSR. Saw this Karangan UPSR in Scridb and decided to cut and paste it here so that all of us can share. I am so sorry if i have taken this essay without your permission. To those involve in the production of this essay, I just want to say thanks you for sharing this out. A very nice written Essay