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Seminar SPM 2013 Penang

seminar SPM 2013 - Exam Tips

We are organizing a seminar in USM Penang. The seminar will help students to solve Bahasa Melayu Paper I and Paper II. Do attend the seminar because, this is one of the hottest seminar in Penang. The fees for each seminar is only RM 150, so dont wait any longer because we are on the verge of creating history in Penang.

For more info …

  1. There will be a sample of exam tips books covering Add Math, Sejarah, Science, Math , Chemistry and etc
  2. Food will be provided
  3. Date: 13 October Universiti Sains Malaysia
  4. Time: 9am – 5pm
  5. Venue: Dewan Kemasyarakatan

seminar SPM 2013 - Exam Tips