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Posted on 22 July 2014

If you are looking for tips to write quality essays. Here are some of the tips how to write a good essays. A good essay should have a good introduction, solid points and a conclusion. Lets take an example of writing an essay with the title “Benefits of Computer and Internet today”


  1. An overview of an computer.
  2. The history and the invention of a computer
  3. An overview about the benefits in the social, business and educational benefits
  4. Some statistics describing the demand of computers in the modern society

Key Points 1

  1. Social benefits
  2. Helps to keep in touch with friends
  3. Able to use it for update and keep track of daily activities
  4. eg. Facebook, printrest and blogs helps in sharing moment with friends and families
  5. Improve bonding between friends and family members even when they are far apart

key Points 2

  1. Make communication easy by the usage of email, project sharing and teleconferencing
  2. Able to conduct meetings anywhere in the world thus increasing productivity
  3. eg of online tools such as Yahoo Mail, Google Drive and Skype helps businesses to get connected
  4. Able to penetrate world market with ease with the usage of internet
  5. You can sell anything anywhere with the help of website or a webstore

Key Points 3

  1. Able to provide up to date information
  2. Online News portal keeps us abreast with the current issues
  3. Students can scout for information using google and youtube
  4. Subjects and courses such as mathematics, sciences and languages are thought via online with of video
  5. Company like Vyew invested billions of ringgit to produce online whiteboard to help teacher’s and students to learn
  6. Last of all, computer helps to


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Best Printer for Schools

Posted on 03 July 2014

One of the most cost efficient printers for school would be the canon IP2870/IP2872 printers. To make it more efficient, some schools are implementing CIS  technology at the printer to save on the printing cost. We do not encourage fixing the CIS because the printing quality would be bad but i have seen many schools are getting the CIS fix to the printer.

Check out the next page for ink comparison

Ink / Toner Cartridges

    • Consumables Price
      CL-746 RM 70.70
      CL746XL RM 92.90
      PG-745 RM 48.50
      PG-745XL RM 60.60


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Karangan Catatan UPSR – Hari Kantin Sekolah

Posted on 03 July 2014

Karangan Catatan Hari Kantin. Here is the format for Karangan Catatan UPSR. Saw this Karangan UPSR in Scridb and decided to cut and paste it here so that all of us can share. I am so sorry if i have taken this essay without your permission. To those involve in the production of this essay, I just want to say thanks you for sharing this out. A very nice written Essay

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Karangan UPSR – 2014

Posted on 20 June 2014

What are the hottest karangan for UPSR this year ? We have concluded several titles which we will reveal very soon. All the karangan will be really helpful if you are looking for last minute revision. Some of the hottest titles can be as follow but our insider said that this year the UPSR karangan will be a repetition from the past 5 years. Meaning that, students have done this before

Hot Titles for UPSR Karangan 2014

  1. Kebaikan Perpustakaan Sekolah
  2. Hari Sukan
  3. Lawatan ke Kilang Roti
  4. Kawan Karib Saya
  5. Aku sebuah Komputer


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Kindy , Day Care and Tuition Centre

Posted on 17 June 2014

Setting up a Kindy Centre or a Day Care centre for kids is not an easy task. Unlike those days in 1990′s, setting up an educational center takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Before we submerge fully into this new set up, let us review the 7th most basic thing you may need to set up a basic centre.

  1. Capital approximately RM 25K
  2. Capable teachers to start the class
  3. Notes, worksheets and class materials
  4. Legal Documentations from relevant parties (Ministry of Education, Safety Board and  Medical Cert)
  5. Marketing (Minimum 50K pices of fliers) and Banners for exposure
  6. Locations of your Kindy/Tuition/ Day Care Centres
  7. Valid Websites for reputation and branding


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Buy N95 Malaysia

Posted on 09 June 2014

Buy N95 Safety Mask in Malaysia if outbreak ever occurs. The N95 respirator is the most common of the seven types of particulate filtering facepiece respirators. This product filters at least 95% of airborne particles but is not resistant to oil. You can see that the mast is not 100% filter proof but you can be certainly safer with the mask on 

Some Comparison you may need to know before purchasing the mask… Check out our comparison chart on the next page

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Karangan PMR

Karangan 1 Murid Satu Sukan

Posted on 09 June 2014

Tahun 2011 merupakan tahun yang penting bagi Kementerian Pelajaran kerana pada tahun ini adalah tahun perlaksanaan Dasar 1 Murid 1Sukan di semua sekolah seluruh Malaysia. Dasar ini mewajibkan setiap murid yang sihat tubuh badan mengambil sekurang-kurangnya satu jenis sukan. Mereka boleh mengambil lebih daripada satu sekiranya mereka mahu dan pada masa yang sama, sekolah tersebut mempunyai kemudahan untuk menganjurkan sukan berkenaan. Tidak dapat dinafikan lagi, dasar ini telah memberi pelbagai faedah kepada setiap pelajar, sekolah dan juga masyarakat agar minda cerdas badan sihat.

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